Deaths Will Be Certified as Natural

Excerpt from Dore memo January 10, 2020.

Death certificate forms provided by the New York State Department of Health have six categories for reporting the  manner of death, four of which are substantive: (1) natural cause; (2) accident; (3) homicide; and (4) suicide.[35] The two other categories are: undetermined circumstances; and pending investigation.[36]

The Act states that action taken in “accordance” with the Act shall not be construed for any purpose to constitute suicide or homicide under the law.[37]

The Act does not define accordance.[38] Dictionary definitions include “in the spirit of,” meaning “in thought or intention.”[39] In other words, a mere thought or intent to comply with the Act is sufficient to prevent a death from being treated as a suicide or homicide. The death will also not be an accident due its being an intended event. This leaves natural cause.

The certified manner of death will be natural cause, even if the actual cause of death was euthanasia. For this reason also, the Act’s purported euthanasia prohibition will be unenforceable. Legally, deaths will be natural.


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